Pastor Vern Streeter – Townsend Leadership Program November 7, 2017

One of AJ’s joys in life came when he helped another leader like himself to finish or continue their education. To continue his legacy, The AJ Blain Foundation seeks to help individuals who are actively pursuing their academic or leadership education find out what else is possible.

Pastor Vern Streeter was the first recipient of the AJ Blain foundation’s education initiative. With funding from the AJ Blain foundation, Pastor Streeter was able to enter and complete the entire Townsend leadership program. He shares…

“I used to wear my lack of self-awareness like a badge. But the weight of my responsibilities and depth of my loneliness was killing me. Somehow the Blains knew I was struggling and invited me to attend the Townsend Leadership Program. I jumped in and it has been a life-changer. Four years in there’s no doubt I’m a better husband, father, friend and pastor. I, and the people near me, will always be grateful for the wisdom and generosity of the AJ Blain Foundation.”

Process Training for Harvest Church Leaders November 7, 2017

AJ believed that a true leader never stops learning, especially when it comes to his or her leadership skills. In this spirit, The AJ Blain Foundation sponsored an eight week process training course for Harvest Church leaders, some of the most influential people in AJ’s life.

During this process, participants not only received ongoing training in leadership, they were also led through several exercises that strengthened their bond as a team.

Created for Connection Marriage Workshop November 7, 2017

AJ Blain Foundation is delighted to sponsor the Created for Connection Marriage Workshop at Harvest Church as part of our emotionally healthy leadership initiative. During this event, master practitioner Kenneth Sanderfer led attendees through Dr. Sue Johnson’s highly successful, widely acclaimed Emotionally Focused Therapy model.

The results were immediate as couples throughout the workshop were able to better connect emotionally with their spouse, enhancing many of the marriages and even saving others.

Rocky Mountain College Aviation Program October 29, 2017

The projects below feature one of AJ Blain foundations closest partners. Harvest Church is a vibrant worship community in Billings, Montana. AJ was a member there while he lived, and he purposefully connected with like-minded leaders within the congregation to develop himself spiritually and in leadership. The AJ Blain Foundation is proud to partner with this amazing community of faith that meant so much to AJ on these projects.

The foundation has committed to helping Rocky Mountain College aviation program with aircraft and equipment upgrades. Details to follow.