Nothing sums up AJ's insatiable desire to experience life to the fullest and push himself to achieve his highest potential more than his famous (or infamous) catchphrase, “So, what else?”

Whether you were a friend in need of a listening ear or a peer who needed a dose of inspiration, this phrase said it all when AJ was with you.

AJ Blain was only 27 years old when he left this earth, but what he left behind was a legacy that continues to impact lives today thanks to the generosity of the donors of the AJ Blain Foundation.

The eldest son of Al and Bobbi Blain, AJ’s life reflected his unwavering desire for productive business and healthy relationships. Considered an old soul by many, he was known for his generous heart, natural business skills, gifted flight abilities, and seemingly effortless way of forming friendships with people of all ages and walks of life.

Alongside his devotion to Christ, AJ’s character was marked by a passion for meaningful and healthy connections in every relationship.

Started in 2013 upon AJ’s death in a tragic helicopter accident, the AJ Blain Foundation began as a memorial fund to carry forward his passion and desire for leadership development and aviation. Today, friends of AJ have held his memory alive by helping fund the three key areas of the AJ Blain Foundation that were so important to AJ: While alive, AJ’s zest for life and unstoppable faith inspired so many to pursue what else was possible for them in their personal and professional lives.

Today, AJ’s friends continue to inspire more young people to find out what else they can achieve through their generous support of the AJ Blain Foundation.

You’re invited to join AJ’s legacy and discover what else is possible for you!