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In Leadership

AJ was fascinated by business, faithful in church service, and devoted to his family and friends. But the common thread was his passion for leadership development.

AJ’s pursuit of leadership excellence came alive during a Townsend Leadership Program in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had found a leadership training program that both inspired and empowered him with real world leadership skills. Before his death, AJ shared his dream of starting an initiative that would help other emerging leaders get the training and inspiration he had received in the Townsend Leadership Program.

The AJ Blain Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling AJ’s desire to inspire and develop leaders in business, nonprofit organizations, and church.

To develop healthy, connected leaders, The AJ Blain Foundation distributes grants to individuals who need financial assistance to complete their leadership training and organizations who offer leadership development courses and programs.

In Aviation

Flying seemed as natural to AJ as living — you could never keep him on the ground! He savored every minute in the sky growing his aviation skills as a helicopter pilot. But for AJ, nothing was better than sharing his passion with someone else.

AJ was known to take others up with him, including little kids, hoping that they would catch the “flying bug” like he had. He loved seeing their little faces light up when he told them that they, too, could be a pilot when they grew up.

The AJ Blain Foundation seeks to make the aviation dream possible for more young people by making aviation training more accessible.

To help develop tomorrow’s pilots, The AJ Blain Foundation distributes grants to young individuals who need financial assistance to begin or finish their aviation training and organizations who introduce and develop an interest in aviation in young people through creative programs.

In Education

While you might not have see his name on the dean’s list, AJ prized his academic experience and appreciated how it molded his character and perspective in life. And like everything else, he wanted to share that experience with as many people as he could, helping any of his peers who needed a hand in completing their studies.

In fact, one day AJ was talking to a friend about the various challenges they faced as young college students. When AJ realized that his friend wasn’t able to pay his tuition, AJ asked him how much he owed the school. AJ promptly gave his friend the money out of his pocket and paid the rest of the school bill for his friend.

The AJ Blain Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their academic dream and experience the life-changing benefits of a quality education.

To help students realize their academic dream, The AJ Blain Foundation distributes limited grants to individuals in need of financial assistance to complete their academic studies.